Imperial Highball & Stemless

Jones Hire is delighted to be adding two new glasses to our Imperial range of crystal glassware, bringing complete versatility to this classically graceful collection.

The Highball and Stemless glasses are a welcome complement to one of our best-loved collections. Formerly characterised by the long slender stems of the wine, champagne and cocktail glasses, these new additions are made from the same exquisitely fine crystal, with the same pared back sophistication, but in contemporary stemless forms. 

Use for spirits, cocktails, beer, soft drinks or water: with the new Highball and Stemless glasses, the Imperial collection can lend its timeless elegance to your entire event.

The Imperial glassware collection now includes:

Grand Vin
Red Wine
White Wine
Dessert Wine Glass
Tall Flute
Champagne Flute
Tall Port Glass
Champagne Saucer
Cocktail Glass

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