Venetian - Nick & Nora Glass

The Nick & Nora glass is ideal for displaying the beautiful colours and aromas of your signature drinks. Its wide rim allows you to garnish your cocktails with citrus twists, olives, or cherries, while its narrow bowl helps to concentrate the flavours.


Named after the iconic detective couple from the Thin Man novels and films, the Nick & Nora glass is a timeless and elegant addition to our Venetian glassware range.

With its distinctive coupe shape and heavy base, it is perfectly suited for serving straight-up cocktails such as Martinis, Manhattans, and Cosmopolitans


The Nick and Nora glass is the perfect way to elevate your cocktail drinking experience. It is also a great way to add a touch of sophistication to any event.


Make the Nick & Nora glass a part of your cocktail ritual today and enjoy your favourite drinks in style!


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