New Coupe Glasses

Jones Hire is delighted to introduce three new coupe glasses for 2024. Elegantly understated and effortlessly beautiful, each design has a distinctly different form that reimagines the classic coupe into delightful new incarnations.

(Left to Right):  Brio Coupe, Champagne & Cocktail Coupe, Cabernet Coupe Martini

The Champagne & Cocktail Coupe is a deeply curvaceous take on the classic coupe shape and is ideal for larger cocktails. 

The Brio Coupe is flame polished for ultimate sparkle; the glass is nucleated to make bubbles last longer and your cocktails more beautiful. 

The Cabernet Coupe Martini blends sinuous lines with ice-cool elegance, for table styling of the highest chic. 

To order these glasses

The Champagne & Cocktail Coupe,  Brio Coupe and Cabernet Coupe Martini are part of the Mondial Collection

Cabernet Coupe Martini

Brio Coupe

Champagne & Cocktail Coupe