New crystal and glassware products

When it comes to raising a toast, nothing compares to the sparkle of pure crystal. And at Jones Hire we have the ideal glass for every celebratory beverage. To the opulent Venetian range we are delighted to be adding an elegant champagne flute ...  

... and to our contemporary Pure range, a stylish Pilsner glass. These new additions to our favourite crystalware collections are perfect for any happy occasion. 

And when it's time to get creative with your food and drink, our new double-walled glass is as clever as it is beautiful. Made from two layers of borosilicate glass with an ingenious pressure control, you can fill it with piping-hot coffee or ice-cold sorbet and it will remain completely comfortable to hold. What's more, the construction prevents condensation, so your stunning canapé or cocktail loses none of its visual impact. Available in two sizes: 8cl (H6.5cm) and 25cl (H9cm).

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