Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy has been held every year since 1769, and this year celebrated its 250th birthday. For the 2018 Preview Party, Drinksfusion were invited to design and serve bespoke cocktails that would reflect the diversity, democracy and humour of the show over the last quarter of a millenium.

Inspired by the 'Colours of Summer' and using flavours from all over the world, the cocktails reflected the international makeup of the contributing artists.

Cocktail:  Nordic Summer Blush
A Nordic summer blend of Hven Organic Aquavit and Summer Spirit shaken with pressed lemon juice, Rosé wine infused with Swedish wild strawberries, raspberries, bitter orange and English rose petals. Served straight up.

Served in the Jones Hire Venetian Cocktail Glass

Cocktail:  The Painter's Tipple
Chateau Lavaud blanche Armagnac and Floc de Gascogne shaken with fresh citrus and a hint of fleure de figue from Provence and merlot syrup. Served straight up and garnished with a hand-painted aromatic foam.

Served in the Jones Hire Venetian Champagne Saucer

Cocktail: The Colours of Summer
A colourful blend of Hven Navy Strength gin and Van Wees Yuzu liqueur shaken with Cap Corse Grande Reserve Corsican dry vermouth, a hint of silver birch and clarified lemon and cucumber juice, served long over midsummer infused ice cubes.

Served in the Jones Hire Rafael Hiball Glass

Cocktail: Svensk Olive Martini
A twist on the classic dry martini using Spirit of Hven organic Vodka, a touch of Hven organic Aquavit and a whisper of Solaris wine from Hällåkra vineyards just outside Malmö, stirred over ice and garnished with an olive.

Served in the Jones Hire Venetian Cocktail Glass

Cocktail: Global Passion Punch
Barcelo Imperial Rum shaken with Contratto Bianco vermouth, a touch of lime, exotic passion fruit and sweetened with organic honey from the Zambian forest by the London Honey Company, served long over ice.

Served in the Jones Hire Venetian Hiball

VIP Lounge

Art and craftsmanship were the inspiration for Drinksfusion's cocktail selections in the VIP lounge this year. Drinks were painted and ice carved to order, featuring English Whiskies, Italian Grappas, Vermouths and Bitters, Dutch Genevers and liqueurs, plus French Armagnacs, Cognacs and Aromatised Wines. The world's first Swedish Vermouth, "Bitter Swedes" blushed vermouth, was created exclusively for the occasion. Inspired by the flora of the Nordic countries, the recipe can be found in the right hand column.

Cocktail design and production


Jones Hire glassware used at this event

Venetian Cocktail Glass

Venetian Champagne Saucer

Rafael Hiball Glass

Venetian Hiball

Imperial Champagne Saucer

Flora Stemless

Preparing the cocktails before the guests arrive for the Preview Party

The 250th Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy was curated by Grayson Perry

The Venetian Champagne Saucer

The Imperial Champagne Saucer

Cocktail: Midsummer Negroni
A Nordic twist on the Italian classic drink, made with Hven organic gin, Contratto bitter and the worlds first all Swedish vermouth, "Bitters Swedes" blush vermouth Summer Exhibition Batch 2018. Stirred over ice and served over hand-carved ice.

Served in the Jones Hire Flora Stemless glass