Tips on Linen

1. The colours shown on our website are representative of the actual colours. It is highly recommended that a swatch be obtained free of charge for exact colour matching.

2. Sizes displayed are nominal and hirers should over-estimate to allow for shrinkage and distortion caused by laundry.

3. "Round" cloths are subject to distortion. Cloths are therefore cut oversize to allow for this distortion and shrinkage. This means that cloths will reach the floor all round but will require 'tucking under' in places to varying degrees.

4. On several of our linen ranges, fading does occur. This is more pronounced on some colours. Orders are 'batched' in an endeavour to keep the cloths of the same shade together. However exact matching of shade cannot be guaranteed.

5. Don't forget the 'drop' on both sides and ends if this is required. Our standard tables are 30" high.

6. Linen should be supplied without damage or repairs. Please remember cloths will be charged at the replacement cost if they are returned damaged.

7. All linen will arrive pressed and sealed. If you wish to remove folds and creases from the fabric we recommend using steamers at a distance. Please avoid using irons as this can burn and damage the fabric.

8. Laundry charges are included in our hire cost. We can ususally remove the majority of stains, however if we are unable to remove stains such as pen & ink marks, cello tape, duct tape, candle wax, dyes, oils and grease then a replacement charge will apply.

9. You can use candles at your events, however please avoid placing candles directly on the linen. Always use a dish or suitable base to catch the melting wax.

10. If any of the linen is wet, please keep the wet items seperate and air dry before packing away. Unfortunately mildew can grow overnight so please avoid placing wet items in the same bag as dry linen.

11. Linen that is permanently damaged and the replacement charge has been recovered, the hirer is entitled to keep. We will store these items on-site for 1 month after which they will be disposed of. Mildew damaged linen may be disposed of sooner.

12. If you are in any doubt or would like advice, please contact our sales team who will guide you the process.