Latest news, features, styling ideas and new products from Jones Hire.

  • Filante Tumblers

    Brighten up your summer with our latest addition to the coloured glassware collection – the Filante tumblers.

  • The Manhattan Collection

    Introducing The Manhattan Collection: handcrafted crystal for the perfect serve.

  • Warwick Weave

    Jones Hire are thrilled to unveil our exquisite new range of tablecloths, the Warwick Weave collection.

  • Lismore Martini Glass

    Elevate your next serving of Martini, Manhattan or Cosmopolitan by serving these classics in the Lismore Martini glass.

  • Suspension Tray

    Jones Hire are proud to announce the arrival of our eagerly awaited suspension trays.

  • New Coupe Glasses

    Beautiful & distinctly different: Three new glasses for champagne and cocktails

  • Oyster Bowl 12cm Deep

    We are thrilled to introduce a new size of the ever so popular oyster canapé bowl.

  • Mulberry service tongs

    Elevate your buffet or breakfast station with this elegantly efficient addition, these tongs are a must-have for caterers and home chefs alike.

  • Mulberry Gateau Server

    Introducing the Mulberry Gateau server as the newest addition to the Mulberry range.

  • Venetian Vintage Coupe

    Jones Hire are pleased to introduce the Vintage coupe as the newest addition to our stunning Venetian glassware range.

  • Venetian - Nick & Nora Glass

    Our new Venetian Nick & Nora glass is a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast, it features a sleek, contemporary design which makes it the perfect glass for serving your favourite cocktails.

  • Temple Plate

    A beautifully smooth plate combining an artisan aesthetic with contemporary naturalism

  • Gamba Tumblers

    A delightfully different tumbler with a distinctive coloured glass heel

  • Distressed White Crossback Chair

    Handpainted rustic charm refined with slender contemporary styling

  • Athena White Cutlery

    A contemporary fusion of East and West in our first white-handled cutlery collection

  • Apple Plate

    Artisan craftware combined with lustrous glazes for on-trend chinaware

  • Rustic Oak Crossback Chair

    Arts & Crafts charm refined with contemporary elegance in a beautiful new chair

  • Fuji Dinner Plate

    The raw natural beauty of superior terracotta captured in a stunning new dinner plate

  • Imperial Highball & Stemless

    Contemporary additions to our classically sophisticated crystal collection

  • Round Hammered Champagne Bowl

    A bespoke contemporary design makes for a fabulously stylish centrepiece

  • Tilia Gold Cutlery

    Our bespoke collection of all-gold cutlery combines luxury with discerning elegance

  • Perle Canapé Bowls

    Colourful, tactile and beautiful - get playful with the new season canapé bowls

  • Quattro Stagioni Glasses

    A new set of Italian glassware inspired by the rhythms of the four seasons

  • Venetian Lime Water Glass

    Celebrate the return of Summer with a new colour in Venetian cut glass crystal

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